The Electric Bike Is Taking The World Of Travel By Storm

Travelers have traditionally made use of the bicycle to realize diverse routes to places that cannot be reached with traditional means or to enter in the urban nuclei and to visit the culture, gastronomy or people of a determined town or city. These can be difficult to access with a car or other means of transport.

But it is not the only advantage of having a bicycle in your travels, because you can also stay in shape while you are on vacation. One of the main advantages of bicycles is that you can practice sports almost without realizing it, while enjoying the scenery and the trip in general.

It is not difficult to identify travelers passionate about cycling however recently we have detected a certain tendency with respect to the bikes in the last months. Many of the bikes are not simple bicycles to use, but what is known as electric bicycles or e-bikes.


What is an electric bicycle?

It is a bicycle that has an electric motor, which is charged by a battery. They are also known as electric assisted bicycle, in other words, the driver decides when to pedal or when the bike goes on its own. That is to say, an e-bike offers the same function as a normal bike, because you can exercise, and occupies the same space as a normal bike, so the mobility is exactly the same as with a traditional bicycle. However, the fact of having an electric motor makes it possible for the cyclist to reach greater speed, regardless of whether the road is flat, uphill or downhill. According to Biboo, a popular e-bike company, this one of the main reasons that motivates travelers to get electric bikes!

In addition, when the engine is on, something that the cyclist chooses at his whim, it does not generate any noise or any discomfort by being completely electric. In addition, it does not require registration, license or insurance, being totally clean and free of polluting smoke. They are extremely environmentally friendly!


There are several systems with which to activate the engine and to accelerate, which can be with a handle or with what is known as pedaling assistance. When the engine is started it is not necessary to pedal.

It is necessary to know that in Europe the use of electric bicycles is limited to motors of 250 Watts (about 25 km per hour). They have between 30 and 80 kilometers of autonomy, which is not bad for routes. The battery usually lasts an hour and a half for a 250W motor or double the time if you reduce by half the intensity with which you use it. However, the number of kilometers varies greatly depending on the use we want to make of the engine. With regard to its load time, this is usually very variable, although manufacturers always indicate it.

In short, it is an excellent complement for campers who like to travel the world and go on routes that are not extremely rough. They are also suitable for those who have problems in the knees but are passionate about the routes. They are also useful to motivate those people who think they are not old enough to make a bicycle route.

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