4 tips to balance travel with career plans

Taking six months or a year off to travel to ‘bucket list’ locations is a dream that too few of us fulfil.

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Unless you squeeze your trip in the space between school and university, you might feel that you have too many commitments to complete it as you get a little older.

But with a bit of planning it’s possible to take a longer trip without putting your career completely on hold.

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Here are four tips to balance travel with your career plans

Remote working

The percentage of US employees working from home has increased by 115 per cent in the last decade according to recent reports.

And many firms feel that this leads to better employee engagement and less stress.

Working completely remotely in a different country is a slightly different proposition — you’d have to consider the effect on service delivery of working in a different time zone for example.

But remote working is suitable for many industries that are not directly customer-facing.

So with a bit of persuasion, your firm might allow you to continue working while you travel, even if it means that your workload and hours have to be rejigged.

Career migration

If you’re looking to switch careers you might not have to delay your plans while taking your dream trip.

Distance learning degrees from universities like Anglia Ruskin offer the flexibility to study from any location — so as long as you can commit enough time to keep up with coursework you’ll gain a valuable qualification while you travel.

This perfectly complements taking time off to gain a new perspective on life through experiencing different cultures.

And you might return home to a new career feeling completely refreshed.


Travelling to new countries presents the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

And some of them might share your career passions and provide valuable insights into the challenges your sector faces in different economies.

You might make some of these connections completely randomly. But for a more focused approach, an organisation like BNI can help you touch base with local businesses around the world — so you can set up meetings in every territory you visit.

If you’re willing to sacrifice some of your time to mix business with pleasure you’ll get back with a bulging contact book and great links for future collaborations.


Spending some of your travel sabbatical volunteering for a good cause can be a great way to boost your career.

VSO has a wide range of placements available in worthwhile projects that combat poverty worldwide.

And if you’re thinking of setting up your own social enterprise you’ll learn vital frontline experience that stands you in good stead.

So take time to think about what type of project that would benefit from your existing skills and that you’d find rewarding.

Balancing career-building with a dream trip can be challenging but it’s definitely possible — these four tips are your ticket to success.

Have you combined a dream trip with career plans? Share your stories in the comments section.



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