Strategies to Navigate Through Airport Passenger Check-in More Rapidly

If you are like most people who worry about facing delays while navigating through passenger check-in at the airport, there are strategies you can employ to make the process easier and less time consuming. This can include making better time going through TSA screening, which can present a major potential for delay in the overall check-in process.

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CLEAR Expedited Airport Security

Aa mentioned previously, you face the most significant potential for delay at a major airport because of security screenings traditionally undertaken by the Transportation Safety Administration or TTA. Taking advantage of CLEAR expedited airport security is one way in which you can significantly reduce the odds that you face prolonged delays at some major airports.

CLEAR provides what is described as a biometric focused membership service. Through this membership program, your biometrics, including your fingerprint, are stored in the CLEAR system. When you arrive at a major airport that utilizes the CLEAR system, you generally bypass much of the traditional TSA screening process. You merely present yourself at a CLEAR kiosk. At the kiosk, you provide a fingerprint. In the alternative, some CLEAR kiosks will perform an iris scan on you.

The CLEAR system does the rest, including confirming that you present to threat the safety and welfare of other travelers, airline crews, and so forth. Once you pass the rapid CLEAR evaluation, you can head to the front of the security check in line. At this juncture, you may pass to the head of the PreCheck or regular screening line. As an added benefit of the CLEAR system, if you obtain a membership, you family under the age of 18 can take advantage of CLEAR when they travel with you.

CLEAR is being added to a growing number of major airports in the United States. Most recently, CLEAR was added to the operations at Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX

Homeland Security Pre-check

The Department of Homeland Security routinely reposts that the agency is aware of problems within the Transportation Safety Administration regarding the rate at which it processes passengers through security at many major airports in the United States. Of course, the TSA cannot sacrifice safety for speed. Nonetheless, the TSA continues to seek out ways in which the agency can speed up the screening of travelers at airports, without sacrificing passenger safety and overall airport and community safety.

The TSA estimates that during the summer of 2017 alone, a record number of people will be traveling, many of them flying on planes. Indeed, the agency reports that in 2017, over 40 million Americans traveled over the Memorial Day Weekend.

In order to maintain a high level of security at airports and on airplanes, the TSA provides some passengers with the TSA Pre-check program. Through the TSA Pre-check program, a passenger can get through the airport security process much more quickly. At the present time, 16 airlines participate in the TSA Pre-check program.

TSA Pre-check permits allows you to apply to participate in the program. You complete an application and submit supporting materials to the TSA, like you finger prints. The TSA then reviews your application and runs an appropriate background check on you.

If you are admitted into the TSA Pre-check program, you really are able to get through the security check at the airport with greater speed. For example, unlike travelers who are not a part of the TSA Pre-check program, you do not have to take off your shoes as you progress through screening. You also do not need to unpack 3-1-1 liquids, laptops, light outerwear, or belts.

You can apply to become a part of the TSA Pre-check program at the agency’s website. In addition, a concise video walks you through the application process.

Check Bags Online

Not all strategies associated with navigating through an airport more quickly involve TSA and security. You can speed up the process of getting through passenger check-in more rapidly if you tend to some departure business before you even arrive at the airport.

You can save a good amount of time if you check your luggage in online. Not only can you avoid what can prove to be long lines associated with checking in luggage at the airport, you can save at least some money as well. A growing number of airlines are charging a fee if a passenger elects not to check-in luggage online and rather waits until he or she gets to the airport.

Obtain an Electronic Boarding Pass

If you use a mobile phone, which most people do in this day and age, consider using an electronic boarding pass. At this point in time, nearly all airports and airlines are now equipped to utilize electronic boarding passes.

The electronic pass permits you the ability to bypass yet another check-in line once you arrive at the airport. In addition, you do not have to worry about losing a paper boarding pass when you do go the digital route.

By employing these different tactics, you will put yourself in the position to save what can amount to a fairly considerable amount of time at the airport. In addition, you’ll likely also find that you lower your stress in the process as well.

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