Tips for Traveling to New York – What to see

When traveling to the United States, if this is the first time you are going to visit New York, you should have several free days at your disposal. It is a great city that on a first occasion well deserves a week of visit. Then, from our experience of having visited this city on four different occasions, we’ll give you some tips on where to go and what to see. If you’re just beginning to plan the trip, you should take a look at where you’ll find many options for visiting and seeing this gorgeous city.

New York

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What to see in New York

What better way to start than to visit the Empire State Building to climb this mythical skyscraper to enjoy the most famous panoramic views of New York. Next up you’ll want to go to the Top of the Rock, another skyscraper that is in the Rockefeller Center. From this other skyscraper you also have panoramic views of the Empire State Building itself, and it is the ideal place to see Central Park.

After visiting the Empire State, it’s well worth the time taking a stroll through Time Square and the Broadway theater and theater district, to end up dining at one of their busy restaurants.

For the next day I recommend going straight south of Manhattan to Battery Park to take the ferry that will take you to Liberty Island. From this island you will not only have great views of the Manhattan skyline, but you will also be able to visit the Statue of Liberty.

This same ferry tour will take you to the historic Ellis Island. If you prefer to go in a group, there are 8-hour Manhattan Tours which also include a visit to the Statue of Liberty.

When returning to Manhattan it is worth strolling in this area, specifically, on Wall Street. Here you’ll find the famous sculpture of the Bull on Wall Street. You will be in the area where the new World Trade Center is located, former Ground Zero.

Central Park and Fifth Avenue

The next day, I propose to start the day by visiting Central Park. You can start by the place where the Strawberry Fields are, the memorial to John Lennon. Strolling through the interior of this great park, if you move south, you’ll reach its confluence with Fifth Avenue.

In the very famous and cinematographic Fifth Avenue you can visit stores of brands, as much of luxury, as of entertainment, like Disney stores, Apple Stores or NBA stores.

Essential Museums in New York

Although a museum visit always requires time, and that will not be enough for you in a short stay in New York, you may have a particular interest in seeing one.


I will tell you that, from my point of view, the essential museums in New York are the Metropolitan, with its great sample of works of art from all eras, and the Natural History Museum, with its amazing stages to show the fauna.

New York is an unbelievable busy but also amazing city. You should definitely travel there once in your life!

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