A little bit of the magic of London theatre

If you’re heading to London’s reputable Theatreland, then expect to be hit with an almost dizzying number of shows. It’s an arresting sight – the blinking lights and gargantuan posters advertising star-studded, exciting productions, from moving Shakespearean tragedies to toe-tapping musicals.

London theatres

And, amidst all of these shows comes the potentially off-putting price of a night out at the theatre, but it can be possible to snap up cheap theatre tickets, allowing you to bathe in the warmth of a quality production without your wallet feeling disconcertingly light.

The fantastic thing about the sheer range of theatre on offer to you is that there’s always bound to be something within your price range, and there are some prime sites on the internet that will allow you to snap up tickets for a song.

So, all that remains to ask is what do you want to see?

Well, the choice is astounding. It’s a part of the beauty of London, as opposed to smaller cities with just one or two regional theatres, that there’s a sea of potential shows and venues available to you.

And, they don’t all reside in the glitz and glam of the West End – a play in London can take place above the local pub (The Etcetera Theatre, situated above The Oxford Arms, is a prime example) for a more intimate setting, or in the grandest arena, such as the London Apollo Hammersmith, which seats an astounding 3326 people.

Within these diverse playhouses comes a broad range of entertainment. You have heart-racing thrillers, gut-wrenching comedies, whimsical farces and troubling tragedies that will pull your heartstrings, all available on a nightly basis.

Some of the finest London venues

One perennial favourite for the tourist is Shakespeare’s Globe, which offers up some of the Bard’s finest comedies and tragedies, performed by the cream of the acting crop. There are also tours of the building for those interested in this historic site.

Or, if you’re after something a little more contemporary, why not try the latest Broadway smash hit, The Book of Mormon, at The Prince of Wales Theatre? Centring around the tale of two chirpy Mormon missionaries as they try to convert an African country to their cause, it’s the type of biting humour we’ve come to expect from its creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who also pen South Park.

It’s even fascinating to have a look at the history of some of the theatres themselves. With the rich vein of London’s stage past meaning that the city plays host to some of the world’s oldest theatres, there are a number of exciting myths and legends that surround these cultural meccas, with venues such as the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, claiming that the ghosts of long dead actors roam its halls.

But, the most important thing to make sure of when visiting a theatre in London is to make sure that you have a good time. So, sit down, sit back and enjoy whatever show you choose.

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