Traveling by motorcycle – The option to move on two wheels

Traveling by motorbike is a dream for many people. However, many people are afraid of giving it a shot because they think it’s dangerous.


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But, the option to travel by motorcycle is a great one and below we’ll see exactly why.

Why do you choose to travel by motorcycle?

Because it gives you a sense of freedom, fast mobility and you do not feel isolated inside a box like in the car. Just make sure you have your motorcycle riding jackets and let the wind hit your face once in a while! On the bike you can climb mountains, cross rivers and feel the wind in your face. You are part of your environment more actively. With the motorcycle, traveling is like blending with what surrounds you, like you’re part of the landscape or the route, you feel everything in a different, special way, in addition to the adrenaline and the taste of constant adventure that travel implies on motorcycle. Others like to travel by motorcycle because it is the vehicle that allows them to dream, to feel that freedom to get away on their own without relying on others. Others do it because they believe the motorbike is a balanced and functional vehicle. On a motorcycle we can take fewer possessions than in a car but more than on a bicycle. The costs are also lower than in a four-wheel vehicle since fuel consumption and maintenance are significantly reduced compared to those of a car. But beyond these technical issues, people choose the bike because it brings great doses of adventure to trips and in turn, due to its size and versatility, it allows to access places that would be impossible with another type of vehicle. The bike allows us to see the most beautiful places in the world.

What is the most important thing that one should know about motorcycles before deciding to travel in one?

The most important thing is not to be afraid. You should be respectful but not afraid. Then no matter what motorcycle is, the wind in the face is always the same. Unless you’re wearing an awesome riding face mask, but the sensation is similar! Another important thing is to just start. Get on the motorcycle and go but only if you really feel comfortable and passionate on top of one. You have to try to know it, and know what your possible problems may be, and be willing to deal with them and learn to solve them on the way.

Why was traveling by motorcycle the first option you chose? 

It’s always possible to travel, by car, plane or bus, but after buying your first and only motorcycle the trips suddenly become so much better. Another reason is that after you’ve travelled with a backpack on your shoulders for a while you start to understand what you lack and soon you decide to switch to the two wheels.

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