3 great businesses giving you amazing travel experiences

You’ve booked your Airbnb, prepared for your flights and purchased new travel bags – and your credit card is feeling the strain.

Travelling anywhere costs a fortune, even if you choose value options at every turn.

Whether you’re catching a train, plane or automobile, you’re going to have to fork over enough cash to fill a dragon’s cave.

So why not make sure the company you’re paying are worth the moolah?

These three travel businesses will give you extra bang for your buck, and we’d recommend them for every excursion.

Wellbeing Escapes

Mindfulness, physical and spiritual wellbeing have become huge priorities over the past decade, so much so that they’ve turned into a cottage industry.

Wellbeing Escapes have capitalised on this trend with excellent holiday packages geared towards aspiring yogis.

Your wellness holiday could be a fitness retreat, yoga holiday or a resort and spa – they’re all catered for at Wellbeing Escapes, whether you’re going as part of a group or on your own.

Locations are as diverse as Canada, Sri Lanka, Greece and Spain, and the company makes sure it caters your getaway to your specific needs.


Parking spots are like gold dust in most busy airports, especially if you want to find a space close to your terminal.

Companies like Looking4.com have been helping assuage this situation with their private parking options in a huge range of international locations.

You can find their meet and greet service in airports which include Edinburgh, Luton, Melbourne, LA, Brussells, Vienna and much more.

What sets them apart from other private parking providers?

For one, the size of their operation served over 800,000 customers last year and the specificity of their business means they can provide a precise service that’s easily one of the best on the market.


Itinerary – the word that no one wants to hear when they’re looking for a fun time.

It conjures images of a bespectacled and spotty man with a compass around his neck and a Thermos flask with a Doctor Who sticker on its front in his hand.

In short, it reeks of control freakery.

But without a solid plan, your holiday could dissolve like a Berocca in a swimming pool.

Enter TripIt, an app designed to plan your time away in the detail.

The free version of the app allows you to organise your travels, access the plans on your smartphone and share them with friends. A paid version gives you the chance to receive real time flight alerts, notifies you of better flight options and provides you with VIP discounts. It’s ideal for the frequent traveller.

And that’s our list! Can you think of any other travel companies you’re happy to throw your money at? Or maybe you’re a company yourself who’d like to highlight your benefits? Then let us know in the comments below.


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