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Gaudi´s Buildings

Barcelona without Gaudí is not Barcelona | Art

To be honest, the main reason for tourists to visit Barcelona it’s not because “Spain is different” but for the architecture and wacky creations of one of its most famous architects: Antoni Gaudí. This architect had a powerful imagination ahead of his time that projected in many creations before his accidental death hit by a […]

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Najac Castle on the hill of Aveyron

France | The majestic position of Najac Castle in Aveyron

Can you imagine a castle on top of a rocky hill surrounded by a bend of a river and that by walking you also get to visit a town that spans a single street that leads to the fortress? That’s the Najac Castle, one of the prettiest villages in France you can see in the […]

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Words to describe the beauty of Venice

Without doubt, trying to describe the beauty of the city of Venice in words is a feat. Speaking of that city can be considered an impossible task because no matter how many words can be written on it, they could never describe the beauty that surrounds each corner there along with the uniqueness of changing […]

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Nice coast

A cultural visit to Nice of France

If you want to spend your next holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation without sacrificing everything and you can visit a city of art, then choose Nice. The French city overlooking the French Riviera is very close to the Italian border and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The second largest city of Provence after Marseille, Nice […]

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Carry your curiosity up to the Acropolis | Greece

It is a must visit when you come to Athens, what is more, you can’t leave Greece without visiting the Acropolis! When you arrive to Athens, it’s not difficult to localize your target up on a hill. You can take a relaxing walk by the path to there cause you have the whole day to […]

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Berlin Wall Graffitti

Berlin Wall | Our past, but not our future

Berlin is for everybody known as the capital of Germany, but recently more and more people talk about this city as the capital of Europe. What does this cold place have to captivate so many warm hearts? Germany has been the scenery of crimes that we will never be able to forget, but it also […]

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Poitiers Futuroscope

Poitiers and the great adventure of Futuroscope

Poitiers is a small town in France, next to Bourdeaux and Paris and bathed by the rivers Clain and Boivre. It’s a university city with a rich medieval patrimony, and the new architecture has known how to get adapted to these antique monuments in a convivence in harmony. It contains several interesting churchs and cathedrals, […]

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Vesuvius Mount

History in danger at Pompeii

Pompeii and Herculano, these two cities sadly known owing to the tragedy of Vesubius in the age of the Ancient Rome. They are a compulsory visit for those ones who feel nostalgia for our ancestors instead of curiosity for the aspect of the new Rome, Tshirts with “Ciao Bella” printed when there used to be […]

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Peru Machu Picchu

Adventure this time leads us to Peru

This is in addition to being one of the best ways to discover the mountains of Peru. The Andean Central Railroad is known worldwide as the train that runs to the greater height of planet earth same as that of the Swiss Alps! It runs from the High Sierra going down to the coast of […]

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Jean Tinguely museum in Basel

The Jeans Museum in Switzerland

We all know where to head for the latest designer jeans which have just made their way off the catwalks (Boudi London) but where do you go if you want to find out more about the western world’s favourite fashion item, jeans? Especially if you want to know more about brands, manufacturing history and popular […]

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