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Rio de Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer

The wonders of Rio de Janeiro

One of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists every year is the beautiful Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro offers a destination Required for all those tourists for who travel means a way to increase their knowledge and enrich their life experience, as this city has one of the most popular […]

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St. Basil Cathedral

Cultural tourism | Travel to Moscow

Moscow is a city on the banks of the Moskva River and the capital of Russia. Moscow is a city known worldwide for its artistic and cultural activities as well as for having attractive historical, cultural, archaeological and architectural invaluable structures. Among the cultural tourism attractions in Moscow that we can visit the most popular […]

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Camino de Santiago route

The Pilgrimage Tour of Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage tour that aims for the arrival to the city of Santiago de Compostela for the veneration of Saint James the Greater. Here we present a guide to the Camino de Santiago routes to get to from any point in the Spanish territory. Camino Franc├ęs is the road that […]

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Prague Museum

Cultural Tourism | Travel to Prague

Prague is also known as the city of a hundred lights or the golden city. The streets of Prague take us on a scenario worthy of a fairy tale with magical spaces decorated with towers and a medieval atmosphere that will take you back in time. If you have chosen to visit Prague as a […]

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Almaty City

Discover the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Kazakhstan as a tourist destination year after year is growing in number because it is one of the few places on the globe that still retains its ancient essence of which little has been influenced by human hands. Foremost among its main attractions is the beautiful capital Almaty, lost in a vast valley of mountains […]

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Hohensalzburg Castle at Night

What to see on an unforgettable cultural trip to Austria

The legacy of the Habsburgs in Austria has left a great legacy of monuments and architecture as well as an amazing culture. It is a beautiful city that had its heyday in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and among the residences of the dynasty is the Hofburg Imperial Palace which holding unmatched jewelry keeps incredible […]

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Charming and peaceful places of China

China is a place full of attractions but many of the places scheduled for travel agencies usually are packed with tourists. Here are some inconspicuous places that have lots of charm! Pueblo de FengHuang in the Hunan Province is a place of fantastic architecture and home to fascinating cultures such as the minority Miao and […]

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Sistine Chapel

Virtual visit to the Sistine Chapel

Among the new interactive with which we have in recent years and are gaining popularity, we find virtual tours to places of tourist attraction. This time we enter into the Sistine Chapel and discover the highlights of one of the most precious treasures of the Vatican City. Sistine Chapel in its interior has one of […]

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Gate of Babylon

Museum of Pergamon in Berlin

One of the suggested stops in your travels through Germany while visiting the impressive, modern and historic capital city of Berlin is the famous Pergamon Museum, a tourist destination par excellence which has gained eternal fame for the Gates of Babylon known as Ishtar Gate in Germany! Practically our goal to visit the famous Pergamon […]

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The most popular festivals of Lisbon

Lisbon is a party town. Naming all the festivities would be difficult so here are some of the most important festivals of the city. Carnival of Rio may be the most famous in the world but truth is it has its origins in the Carnival of Lisbon. This celebration of the end of winter is […]

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