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Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg | Up to the castle in a funicular

When during your sightseeing trip through Germany you get to the very beautiful university town of Heidelberg, make sure you climb to the castle. In fact, it lies in ruins but its location on the hillside above the city promises you excellent panoramic views of Heidelberg. To get to Heidelberg Castle you can walk up […]

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Egeskov Castle Lake

The majestic Castle of Egeskov in Denmark

If you’re looking for a nice destination for next summer and a good excuse for a trip in northern Europe then go for castles in Denmark. So here is a starting point to begin tracking the path of the tour. First you are to visit the majestic Egeskov castle with pointed spiers and reddish walls […]

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

The fairytale castle: Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

The Neuschwanstein Castle is considered one of the symbols of Germany. I is also known as the fairytale castle because it looks like it came out from a fairytale and it was built by Ludwig II in 1869. Except as the fairytale king, Ludwig is remembered in Germany also as the Mad King since this […]

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Tennessus castle in medieval France

The ancient castle of Tennessus: A bed & breakfast in medieval France

The estate and castle of Tennessus are located in Amailloux, a small town in the south of France not far from La Rochelle. The castle, which isĀ  surrounded by a moat filled with water, has been converted into a bed & breakfast in the medieval part of Europe, where you can rent five oversized guestrooms […]

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