Heidelberg | Up to the castle in a funicular

When during your sightseeing trip through Germany you get to the very beautiful university town of Heidelberg, make sure you climb to the castle. In fact, it lies in ruins but its location on the hillside above the city promises you excellent panoramic views of Heidelberg. To get to Heidelberg Castle you can walk up a side street from the historic center of the city but you’d miss the opportunity to take the funicular which is the most modern in Germany.



Heidelberg from above

Heidelberg from above

Indeed, the funicular railway up to the castle of Heidelberg has been operating since 2004 and can accommodate 130 people. This modern funicular is part of one of the most central corners of the city after the Plaza del Grano and covers a length of 471 meters. To reach the castle station it takes just over five minutes and your tour ends just above Molkenkur station. This funicular is the first step to climbing to the highest point of the mountain called Königstuhl, La Silla del Rey. To reach this mountainside in Molkenkur you can take another funicular that is totally different.

Heidelberg Funicular

Heidelberg Funicular

In this case it is the oldest electric funicular in the world. In 1907 the historic funicular with striking red seats for 50 people was created. After walking a mile you get to the said King’s chair from where several hiking trails begin. If you visit Heidelberg in August during the celebration of summer cultural festival that is housed in the castle and attend any of the cultural events that take place in the afternoon as the case during my visit, the funicular becomes the meeting point of hundreds of spectators with suits and dresses climbing the castle.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

The ticket prices for the Heidelberg funicular are logically dependent on the route that you will use. The price of a return ticket for the first funicular is 6 euros and includes a visit to the gardens of the castle, the Wine Cellar and the Museum of Pharmacy in Germany. If you also want to climb to the top of the mountain and stop at Molkenkur funicular on the other, the price of return combo ticket is 12 euros.

Heidelberg Castle at night

Heidelberg Castle at night

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Heidelberg photos: Emanuele Paolo Farina, Alexander llg, dmytrok, M Taggart, lis of the north.

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