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Cuba Paradise Beach

Cuba | The forbidden paradise

The “forbidden paradise ” is one of the first choices of traveling. It has so much to offer the visitor, such as history, culture, nightlife, beautiful beaches, clean seas and tropical vegetation. The Cuban people are warm who live to entertain. The rhythms of salsa and mambo are widespread in the atmosphere and drift away […]

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Cuban Cayos Beach

How to enjoy an inexpensive holiday at the Cuban Cayos

Although not the cheapest among the countries of Central America due to the double currency, Cuba is still a relatively inexpensive destination for those who want to take a DIY trip . It is fairly easy to build an itinerary that includes independent culture and wilderness, but can you visit the Isla Grande without spending […]

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Havana, Cuba

Crystallized time in the dreamy Havana

Everyone has dreamed of spending a holiday in Havana (Havana). This dream usually includes Cuban cigars, Caribbean music and a unique atmosphere. No matter what your holiday in Cuba consists of, whether it’s a tour of the island or a week of sun and beach, visiting Havana is a must. If you do not have […]

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