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Osaka Castle

The modernity of Japan in Osaka

Only half an hour by train from Kyoto is the city of Osaka. As I mentioned in a previous post, the contrasts that can occur between one place and another at a relatively short distance between two points can be impressive. Here we again find a similar case. If Kyoto is associated to the refinement, […]

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Japan Street

Advice, documentation and requirements for travel to Japan

Japan is a country that receives more tourists per year and has one of the world’s most modern capitals. If you travel to Japan you should be aware that if the trip lasts less than ninety days and the reason is not linked to tourism, visiting relatives, business, attending events or other unpaid activity, it […]

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5 things to eat in Japan

Sushi and sashimi is the image Japanese cuisine has in the world. Japan in fact depending on the area, like other nations has its own regional cuisine and I spent almost most of the year in Japan every time tasting something new and generally very good. Not being able to obviously make a huge excursus […]

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Wonders not to be missed in Japan

A trip to Japan is a unique experience without being so “contaminated” by the pop culture anime, manga, video games, etc. It’s hard for me to make a list of wonders but I’ll try not to miss any. KYOTO: Was the capital of Japan for many centuries and the cradle of Japanese culture with over […]

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Wisteria Tunnel

The tunnel of wisteria in the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan

Called Wisteria Tunnel, the tunnel that you see in the featured pictures, is located in Japan in the Kawachi Fuji Garden. A natural spectacle quite impressive with a tunnel covered with white and purple flowers that give almost the effect of a cascade of flowers. Wisteria Tunnel Wisteria Tunnel Anyone who has seen the place […]

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Tokyo, Rainbow bridge

Visiting Tokyo, all you need to know

Best time to go In spring when the cherry trees and plum trees are in bloom and in autumn are the best periods to visit: the prices are not high as in August, as it is less crowded by tourists and you will avoid the heat of the summer Sightseeing in Tokyo In the metropolis […]

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