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Paris Museum Louvre sunset

Paris | The city of museums

As the city of lights and romance, Paris has always been the most sought after holiday destination in the world. If you already know the French capital you may spend your next holiday discovering the museums. Paris is in fact home to some of the most famous and important to the world art galleries that […]

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Paris Ice Skating

Ice skating in Paris

Of course you do not go to Paris just to get to skate on the ice but if you’re already in the area or you are planning to maybe go there for Valentine’s Day or another occasion (any excuse for a holiday in Paris) we mark a small but interesting attraction. Ice skating! The square […]

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Choco Paris

Choco Paris for greedy tourists

If you are planning a trip to Paris, among the many attractions you should see in this city you should also check the food. There is a place that is highly recommended and is designed specifically for the greedy tourist (who is not!?). This is the  Choco Paris. Here you can find amazing chocolates and […]

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Concept Trampoline Bridge, Paris

The Trampoline Bridge on Seine River in Paris

Paris is an amazing romantic city with its picturesque corners, songs you can hear all over the city and the smell of lighning in the air! This city is well known for its art as many famous architects, philosophers and artists have been inspired by the beauty of this historical city. They say that this […]

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A different trip to the latin quarter of Paris

Paris is a wonderful, huge city appreciated by millions of tourists each year for its romantic atmosphere and variety of places to see and discover. Fortunately, despite the French metropolis being one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are various offers available for cheap flights. The Latin Quarter may seem contrary to […]

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La Fleche D’Or

Top 5 night clubs in Paris

There is no doubt Paris is the city where you want to go clubbing. Aside from the fact that some are of them can be too much to handle, they are also expensive.  In most of them you will be charged with an entrance fee but you will be entitled to a cosno which is […]

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