Historical cities of Vietnam

Cao Bang

Cao Bang is the capital of the cao Bang province, situated high above the sea level, in the beautiful mountainous landscape and with a very pleasant climate. Town itself isn’t so attractive but it can surely serve as a great base for everyday’s excursions to the countryside. If you want to visit the city and you need a car there are a lot of rental points with the best Breakdown Cover. During your stay remember to visit the War Memorial on the top of the hill. Climb numerous steps to the top and enjoy the wonderful views and the tranquility of the place.


Danang is the fourth biggest city of Vietnam and economically strongest center of the central Vietnam. The city has finally woke up after the long period of underdevelopment and has been renewed in only a few years, with new bridges, new buildings and new roads, it finally looks like the city of this size should look like.

Danang - Vietnam

Danang – Vietnam

Demilitarized Zone

Demilitarized Zone was the 5 kilometers wide area on the both sides of the Ben Hai river and due to war circumstances, the most militarized area of the world. Ben Hai river became a demarcation line in the period from 1954 to 1975, dividing the country into North Vietnam or the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and South Vietnam or the Republic of Vietnam. To get to know DMZ really well, it’s essential to find a good guide both to get you on the way to some places not so easy to find, and to give you enough historical information about the area. Many sites aren’t properly marked and you could easily get lost on your way.

Where Vietnam was divided into north and south

Where Vietnam was divided into north and south

Dien Bien Phu

Dien Bien Phu is the place of the historical battle between French colonial forces and the Viet Minh on 7th May 1954. The French colonizers were defeated in this battle and their colonial rule of the Indochina empire has weakened a great deal after that battle.

A Journey Through Vietnam from Leon Visser

Vietnam photo 2 : vietnam and cambod

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