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Hanoi Panorama

Hanoi | The treasure of Vietnam

On the banks of the Red River with its architectural marvels and a history of domination, cultural influences and war, you will find Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. You will not have problems arriving in Hanoi by plane. The Vietnamese city is in fact served by an international airport Noi Bai in which they call […]

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Dalat Crazy House from afar

Dalat Crazy House in Vietnam

The home that you can see in this article is called Hang Nga Guesthouse. It has been talked about on another occasion as the heir of Gaudi, today we want to dwell with other photos on the inside of the house which is really original and curious. The people of Vietnam refer to this masterpiece […]

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Danang - Vietnam

Historical cities of Vietnam

Cao Bang Cao Bang is the capital of the cao Bang province, situated high above the sea level, in the beautiful mountainous landscape and with a very pleasant climate. Town itself isn’t so attractive but it can surely serve as a great base for everyday’s excursions to the countryside. If you want to visit the […]

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