Top 5 sexy hotels

The criteria for an accommodation to be considered as a sexy hotel are: the design, facilities, and the location. The place is ideal for couples who want to have a comfortable getaway.

Hotel Casa Angelina is found in Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a five star hotel with an amazing view of the sea. Some of the rooms have terraces that overlook the beach. The restaurant in the hotel called Un Pianonel Cielo attracts locals and travelers a like this is due to its wine cellar. Amenities of hotel include sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and spa treatment.

Hotel Casa Angelina

Hotel Casa Angelina

Another sexy hotel is the Central Palace Hotel found in Istanbul Turkey. The hotel is boasting ottoman style of architecture combined with a modern touch. Part of its sexiness revolves around the fact that it is where a James Bond movie was shot. Part of its amenities includes steam bath and wellness center.

Central Palace Hotel

Central Palace Hotel

Hotel De l’Europe found in Amsterdam is situated in the banks of Amstel river. It has a very impressive facade with Victorian design. The rooms are individually decorated. It has several restaurants where you can hang out during the day or the night.

Hotel de l'Europe

Hotel de l'Europe

Bleibtreu is found in the heart of Berlin. The concept is based on the idea of Herbert Jacob Weinand. The hotel design combines furniture pieces and mosaics. The room has a great lightning system that you can adjust if you want to create right ambiance suitable for your interest.

Bleibtreu hotel

Bleibtreu hotel

The fresh hotel which is found in Athens is part of the list of top sexy hotels today. It is said to be stylish and unconventional.  The bar of the hotel is serving snacks and drinks all throughout the day. During the night it has live music. The hotel has various amenities like a gym, a swimming pool and a bar which is perfect for couples.

Hotel Fresh

Hotel Fresh

Photos: Hotel photo 1: tion, Hotel photo 2: la maison arabe, Hotel photo 3: hg2, Hotel photo 4 coolhotel, Hotel 5: kiwicollection

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