The catacombs of Rome

The Catacombs of Rome are cemeteries found underground which were used by Christian and Jewish. There are quite a number of Christian catacombs and excavation begun only in the second century. Before it was just a burial place where people gather to hold funeral and celebrate anniversaries of the dead. While Christians were prosecuted, it served as place to hold Eucharist. After the prosecution years, it really became a shrine for the martyrs and a center of devotion for Christians. For various reasons, they preferred burying their dead underground. They don’t believed in cremation because one day Christ will come and gave rise to dead.

Rome - Catacombe Di Domitilla

Rome - Catacombe Di Domitilla

Due to this belief, it created problems in space and this is the reason why catacombs are developed. This is the answer to the problem which proved to be practical and safe. It is much cheaper to dig underground than purchasing a large land. Most early Christians were poor and something like burying dead is not an option. Catacombs are also a symbol of unity since it is a place where they gather to hold meetings. Due to a roman law, it forbids burying the dead within the city. Most catacombs are found outside the city normally along the suburban area.

Roman Catacombs from lmac

There are several catacombs today that are open to tourists. Before visiting the place, you need to be sure that it is open. Some of them are the catacombs of St. Agnes, the catacombs of Priscilla, the catacombs of Domitilla, the catacombs of St. Sebastian and the catacombs of St.Callixtus. Some other catacombs are renovated to accommodate tourists visiting the area. It is essential to check out the history of the catacombs as you can find a lot of information. There are guided tours that are available in which you can join so you can learn the insights about particular catacomb. This is much ideal than exploring the area on your own.

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