What to see in Sanqingshan, China

Located in the Jiangxi Province, Sanqingshan was part of the World Heritage List made by Unesco. It is considered as key scenic spot and perfect for tourists. If you want to be close to nature, then this is place to be. It is one of the most beautiful mountains in China. Scientists described it as breath taking granite found in the west of the Pacific Ocean. It has three peaks called as Yujing, Yuxu, Yuhua. It is said that these represent three divine spirits which are sacred for locals in the area. The mountains definitely display unique quality compared to other nearby mountain.



The most valued component of Sanqingshan is granite. There are various resources of the area from ecological landscape, rare plants, exotic animals, lakes, waterfalls and even Taoism culture. If you are visiting Sanqingshan for the first time then you can take pictures of sculptures that dot the area from Three dragons, Oriental Goddess and other lifelike works of art. There are also various meteorological phenomena that happen in the area. The most important ones that you shouldn’t miss are Cloud Waterfall, Sanqing Divine Light and meteor showers. They are spectacular shows coming from the sky that you shouldn’t miss.

Sanqingshan, Jiangsu

Sanqingshan, Jiangsu

It is also best to visit Sanqingshan during winter time where the landscape is covered with snow. It is said the place also become a spiritual center for Taoism which is very unique in china. There are various Taoism structures that you can find like Wind and Storm Pagoda.  Sanqingshan is also boasting various species of plant and animals. A lot of them are endangered. There is no doubt offer stunning natural beauty because of its landscape. There is nothing that can rival this place when it comes to grandeur and majesty. This is a beautiful place not just for the Chinese but other parts of the world.

Weekend in San Qing Shan from Dymé

Sanqingshan Photo 1 gebenn, Sanqingshan Photo 2 Mr Bao 包先生 Mr Ba

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