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Travel broadens the mind – at least that’s what they say – and it is something that many people and families are investing serious time and money into. But, that’s the problem when we think about going away – money. It’s a word no-one likes to talk about, especially with belts remaining tightened for the foreseeable future, and when it comes to fine holidays it’s a given, right? Well, that all depends on how you set your stall out when looking for that getaway. Whether it’s a trip to the countryside or a long-haul flight to find an exotic beach, we love to get a bit of luxury as we try to unwind. Finding ways to get the cheapest deals can seem like hard work, but it’s all about exploring what is out there. The biggest spot to explore is of course the internet; a wilderness if you get bogged down in the wrong spots is also a haven if you know exactly where to look. And, there’s a new trend in town – flash sale websites. Keeping up with the Joneses is a spell that’s passed, and it’s no longer how much you spend on something that counts; it is how much discount you can find on it.

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands

While the flash sale is nothing new – Gilt and Brand Alley have been doing the rounds for years, the luxury offerings that can be found at sites like Achica are a little more unique to the industry. From furniture to art, four-poster beds to Caribbean holidays there are so many ways to save money that you won’t even have time to enjoy them all. We’ve all seen the old tips for getting the cheapest holidays. All the hits have be rerun time and time again; check special offer discounts, have a look at the finer details, consider frequent flyer miles and be realistic no longer cut it anymore. There is no question that this can save you a few pennies but promotions on these sites take this a step further.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Bundling things up and getting a package sorted is key in trimming the excess expenditure off your trip. This is what you get, and there are new offers each and every day. So, whether you’re not keen on the promotions one week, the next may well be a completely different story. Whether you want 40% off your jaunt to Cornwall or 30% off a 5* trip to Crete there’s always guaranteed to be something to make your budget go that little bit further. Spending money is something that we hate, but treating ourselves is what life is all about. Finding what you want and fitting it within your budget is possible so long as you know the best places to keep an eye on. While you’ll always be able to save a few quid on flights by checking around, you can find cheaper full trips by using websites that offer flash sales.

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