Some Really Creative Day Dates

Planning a date during the day is a great way to get to know someone in an informal setting. There’s a lot less pressure than a date in the evening, which means that you can plan something much more fun and exciting to do. The key is to keep things light and fun. It goes beyond just having a lunch date. Come up with something creative and really impress your date.

Creative Day Dates

Creative Day Dates

Brunch at the Bistro

A lunch or brunch is a classic way to spend your time at a date during the day. It will often follow the same general dating rules when you go to dinner, but in a more casual environment. This is a great choice for people that have to work and have a lot going on in the evening hours too. A quick lunch can be a great way to get to know someone that may seem hard to connect with otherwise.

A Fun Flight for a Day Away

If you’re both the adventurous type and you want to really impress your date, purchase round trip tickets to a nearby city. You’ll fly out in the morning and come back home that evening. It’s a great way to spontaneously get away. You don’t even have to tell your date about the plan, because you’ll be back the same day. Many airlines offer good prices on tickets this way. Check out Delta Flights and other airlines for the best prices available.

Tell Your Date to Take a Hike

Okay, so you probably shouldn’t say that to your date. However, spending some time in nature together can be a great way to spend your day. Hiking, rafting or even a stroll in the park are all opportunities to connect with both nature and each other. Pack a picnic and eat lunch outdoors too. Use this date idea if you’ve been on a couple of dates together already and want to know each other more. You’ll be spending a lot of time together, and that may be too much pressure for a first date.

There are tons of cool things that you can do to impress your date. Whether you want to spend a lot of money on something like a flight or would rather stay in town and enjoy a quiet lunch, a date during the great way to get to know more about a person. You’ll learn more than just their favorite color. Getting to see your date in an informal situation will tell you so much and strengthen your relationship, whether it’s the first date or the fourth.

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