Where are you most likely to get injured in on holiday?

Holidays and injuries are two things which you don’t normally expect to coexist. In the majority of cases, holidaymakers don’t come back nursing a broken leg or feeling queasy after a bout of food poisoning, but injuries arising from accidents abroad or closer to home do happen from time to time, and those affected are left rueing their luck.

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Getting injured on holiday is something very few will expect to happen to them, but when participating in certain activities or visiting certain sites, there are quite a few things that could go wrong. A survey by First4Lawyers revealed where people were most likely to get hurt on holiday. Here are the results:

1) Sightseeing

17.1% of people said their most recent injury on holiday came while sightseeing. It’s easy to see why this is so – a lot can happen when exploring landmarks, spots of outstanding natural beauty or somewhere off the beaten track. Broken limbs from falling are more common than you might think, especially in hilly areas where the terrain is rough.

2) On the beach

Not far behind sightseeing, the beach was the second most common place to get injured according to the poll, as 16.2% of respondents replied. On the beach or even in the sea, plenty can cause injuries – warm weather can cause sunstroke, the possibility of being bitten or stung by sea-life is great, while breaking a bone while roaming the shore can’t be ruled out.

3) In the hotel

In the survey, 10.3% said that they had experienced discomfort after an accident in their accommodation. In hotels, plenty can go wrong – tumbling down an uneven staircase, contracting food poisoning or something else like sudden respiratory problems arising from sleeping in a dirty room. Hotels can, if poorly run, cause illness and injury to guests.

4) Theme parks and visitor attractions

It’s easy to see where someone can get hurt in theme parks. Rollercoasters in particular can be dangerous to ride, as it’s possible that anyone on such rides could fall several feet to the ground if not secured. 6% in the poll said their most recent injury came at either a theme park or similar visitor attraction.

5) Nightclub, bar or restaurant

On a night where it turns dark and you want to end your day with a bang, a meal out or a few drinks might seem like the best way to do it. Unfortunately, as 3.4% attested to in the survey, there’s always the possibility of slipping on a wet floor or feeling a little ill after drinking or eating too much.


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