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Ryanair Landed

Hand luggage on Ryanair | All you need to know

If we are to travel it is not only important to order our documentation, check-in and any other preprocessing but also to check that our hand luggage meets the requirements in order to avoid problems in the gate. If you have chosen the company Ryanair, we recommend you follow the instructions on hand luggage from […]

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Murcia Depths

Baptism diving in Murcia

The baptism of diving is a sport that will allow you to relax and feel virtually weightless, an experience similar to that of  being a fish in the sea. In Murcia you can explore the marine world for the first time and securely being part of a baptism of diving. The baptism of diving and […]

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Budapest River

A tourist’s guide to Budapest

To take advantage of your time we recommend that you go to different attractions depending on your areas and sectors. For example on the Hill of Buda you can find the Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church and the Buda Castle so you can cut access trails while walking around the Hill. This part could be called […]

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Lisbon Palace

The best choices for accommodation in Lisbon

The Expoción Internaciol 1998 and the rapid growth of Lisbon as a tourist destination has made the city develop many places to stay. The three main types of accommodation in the city are hotels, pensions and guest houses. Pensions and Guest Houses differ in that pensions serve meals while the guest house does not. Both […]

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Belgium Liege

All you need to know about the Belgium climate

Belgium has an oceanic climate which is characterized by mild temperatures and abundant rainfall because of the proximity to the ocean. Its summers are warm with temperatures around 21º C. However, the cities near the sea have a slightly cooler climate at this time. Winters are cold but not severe. Temperatures at that time of […]

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Gate of Babylon

Museum of Pergamon in Berlin

One of the suggested stops in your travels through Germany while visiting the impressive, modern and historic capital city of Berlin is the famous Pergamon Museum, a tourist destination par excellence which has gained eternal fame for the Gates of Babylon known as Ishtar Gate in Germany! Practically our goal to visit the famous Pergamon […]

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Mexico Urlaub

Recommended Vaccines for a travel to Mexico

To travel to Mexico you do not have the obligation to applyto yourselves some kind of vaccine and there is no need to have any international vaccination certificate for the trip. However, being a country with extensive vegetation areas there are a number of recommended vaccines to avoid unpleasant surprises. Within the recommended vaccinations for […]

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Costa del Sol beach

Touristic Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol

Fuengirola is an ideal place for your holidays all year round. Its beaches are the main attraction and boast the presence of the Blue Flag which certifies the high quality of the waters of this wonderful and charming sea. In fact the city is the perfect holiday destination for those who have small children who […]

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Cyprus Bay

For an enjoyable stay in Cyprus

Cyprus is a tourist heavy country and the range of accommodation proves this. There are over 500 hotels and apartments. The tourist vocation of the island is also reflected in the variety of choices of stay. Among them there is truly a good amount of brilliant deals for those who seek an unforgettable experience. […]

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Top 4 Cruise Destinations for 2013

Cruising continues to become increasingly popular as more people discover this amazing way to travel the world. With a range of stunning destinations and various luxurious liners to choose from, going on a cruise is truly the experience of a lifetime. Here are 4 of the top cruising destinations for the 2013 season. Caribbean Summer […]

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