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Japan Street

Advice, documentation and requirements for travel to Japan

Japan is a country that receives more tourists per year and has one of the world’s most modern capitals. If you travel to Japan you should be aware that if the trip lasts less than ninety days and the reason is not linked to tourism, visiting relatives, business, attending events or other unpaid activity, it […]

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Waraq decorated

First Steps in Arabic food | Vegetarian Waraq the enab

During your travels to the Arabic countries you will surely be fascinated by their cousine. When talking about Arab cuisine we refer to food that in the use of spices provides a balanced mix of features of gourmet Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, all developed along the Arab Gulf states which includes the countries of the […]

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Jean Tinguely museum in Basel

The Jeans Museum in Switzerland

We all know where to head for the latest designer jeans which have just made their way off the catwalks (Boudi London) but where do you go if you want to find out more about the western world’s favourite fashion item, jeans? Especially if you want to know more about brands, manufacturing history and popular […]

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Eume Scenery

Travel to the region of Eume for a mixed vacation

Journey to the beach or mountain? Why not both in the Galician region where you’ll find can enjoy both. The region of Eume, northwest of La Coruña is a wonderful place for those who are looking for a rural trip without stress, full of peace. One of the things that you should visit is the […]

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Burgos Reussenstein Castle Hike

Always wanted to go on a hiking trip to Burgos

Burgos is one of those special magical environments that are worth visiting. No wonder since we are talking about the best practice benchmark for trails, filled with exciting routes, tourist landscapes and panoramic views. Here are more reasons to go to Burgos looking for an intense experience. If you are looking for places to go […]

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Red Sea Beach

Tourism and diving in Red Sea

There are many reasons to go to a place like the Red Sea, the same that hides a number of spaces and tourist scenarios to enjoy a pleasant stay. The one thing that makes Red Sea a popular concurrency point are sporting activities and more specifically diving. Red Sea has a variety of surfaces to […]

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Costa Rica Beautiful Landscape

Exotic Adventures in Costa Rica

Trip and Travel News describes the country of Costa Rica in Latin America as a Small Country of Great Adventures focusing on the diversity of adventures featuring its beautiful scenery, ideal for those who enjoy traveling in search of eco tourism. To enjoy your Costa Rica travel, we recommend considering your stay as a series […]

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Weirdest foods in the world

Weirdest foods in the world

One of the most exciting things about traveling is that you get the chance to eat something different. You could try traditional dishes that make even more famous the place you have visited. Well, almost always because food is all about tastes and all people all over the world can’t have the same tastes. I […]

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Roland Garros Tennis Event

Sports tourism in France

France is a country where sport is lived and practiced with intensity. There is no destination in this country that does not include special programs to enjoy a travel experience full of excitement and adrenaline on everything related to sports, it is therefore advisable to conduct a review of the major sports to be found […]

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