First Steps in Arabic food | Vegetarian Waraq the enab

During your travels to the Arabic countries you will surely be fascinated by their cousine. When talking about Arab cuisine we refer to food that in the use of spices provides a balanced mix of features of gourmet Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, all developed along the Arab Gulf states which includes the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. As for the ingredients, Arab cuisine is a combination which involves the exotic Lebanese cuisine, the simplicity of the Maghreb and exogenous factors specific to India and Iran.

The grape leaves and stuffing

The grape leaves and stuffing

Waraq getting prepared

Waraq getting prepared

At meals resulting from predominantly Arab cuisine vegetables over meat and some items such as beef and lamb, yogurt, mint, thyme, tea, sesame, curry powder, saffron, turmeric , garlic, cinnamon or rice. In turn, one of the most famous dishes of typical Egyptian cuisine is Waraq the Enab, which is like a cooked rice in vine leaves.

Waraq decorated

Waraq decorated

For the preparation of the Enab Vegetarian Waraq one needs grape leaves, rice, gluten, soy, tomato juice, lemon juice, grated onion, olive oil, parsley and spices. In terms of filling the Enab Waraq has the possibility to be formed according to the preference of each, but that stands as Waraq called the Enab Vegetarian and accompaniment consisting of a salad of cucumbers and curry and a some yogurt acid poured over the Enab Waraq. For the preparation of the Enab Waraq it is advisable to wash the grape leaves to prevent them from pesticide residues.

Waraq Served

Waraq Served

Waraq photos: Gurry Gudfinns, emailm0, Bella.

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