Cottages and accommodation in Castellón

Only in Castellon it is possible to find the best deals on houses to spend an unforgettable stay. Here are some popular places to stay during your vacation.

The Faixero Rural Tourism: This is a beautiful place designed for students and young travelers who are used to sharing the same dwelling. The house is very large and spacious with a maximum capacity of 20 people full service and affordable prices. If you want to save some money without losing quality of service and attention then I recommend going to the farmhouse. Prices start from € 48.64 person per night.



Cinctorres: When it comes to amenities this house has everything you need to spend a wonderful weekend. It includes basic services and a garden to rest. Feel the comfort of a warm, homely and cozy accommodation. Prices start from 55 euros per person.

Castellón Square

Castellón Square

L’Amborget and The Mallada: Located near San Jorge, there’s nothing better for a well deserved vacation to attend this very sophisticated house with spacious rooms and panoramic views of the city that are truly inspired. Prices start from € 25.00 person per night.

Castellón Nature

Castellón Nature

Masia Torre Gargallo: Located near Morella here’s a worthy place for modest but comforting accommodation. Not only are we facing one of the most economical houses of Castellón but it also is a nice place to relax for a weekend or summer vacation. The place is a little out of the city and has a maximum capacity of 8 people. Prices start from € 27.25 person per night.

Mas de Les Cassettes: Finally we have this site that is also economical with the basic amenities of a housing. Reservations must be made in advance while renting may be shared with other people. The prices are very affordable.

Castellón photos: Comunitat Valenciana, Tewkes, Miguel Angel Garcia.

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