Switzerland | Discover the charm of the medieval district Freiburg

Given the choice, when looking for charming corners I recognize that most people tend to like small towns than large cities such as London, Rome or Paris. In this regard the city of Freiburg located on the border of the German and French linguistic in Switzerland, so in practice the population is bilingual, has a very special setting. On the one hand is a small medieval town that is available on a hill next to the most modern of it. But on the other, down the valley through which runs a sinuous river Sarine extends what is known as Lower Town where the charming medieval quarter of Auge is. In the twelfth century Auge was a village outside the walls of Freiburg but it happened to be absorbed by the city. This is the most ancient and from my point of view most charming. A boom can reach walking down the narrow streets that descends from the historical center at the top of the hill. You’ll find an environment with gothic style houses with painted facades and among which small hotels.

Freiburg sunset

Freiburg sunset

Snowy Freiburg

Snowy Freiburg

The square of the small San Juan is a central point of the neighborhood, and from there get to the oldest bridge preserved in Freiburg. I mean the wooden covered bridge known as Puente de Berne. After having the feeling of being transported to medieval times while you cross, you will reach the most beautiful place in this district where the Source of Loyalty was in 1553, one of the many very beautiful fountains of Freiburg with the vast majority of medieval origin. If you take the road that takes you to the northeast you’ll come to the door of Bern, corresponding to the old wall which dates from 1270. If you’re heading south you’ll pass under the modern Gotteron bridge which crosses the valley 60 meters above your head.

Freiburg Cathedral Fountain

Freiburg Cathedral Fountain

Finally, to walk back to the center of the city I suggest you draw back your steps again crossing the river by the bridge of Bern and going westward again towards Milieu crossing the bridge to reach the neighborhood of Planche and from there across the bridge from San Juan get to the bottom of the funicular station of Freiburg. It is worth the climb to the center in this funicular centennial. Travel to this Swiss city is an essential visit .

Freiburg Cathedral

Freiburg Cathedral

Freiburg photos: Joaquin Vanschoren, Joe Yeagar, diwe39, Phil McCoun.

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