Berlin | East Side Gallery artistic expression in the old wall

One of the themes of your trip to Berlin is undoubtedly the ancient wall that separated the western part of the city of the German Democratic Republic, which became one of the places to visit in Berlin. But did you know that almost all of the Berlin Wall was torn down immediately from November 9, 1989, when restrictions were lifted about passage between the two parts of the city? Indeed , the rapid destruction of the Berlin Wall became a symbol of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. By then, the fortification stretched 43 kilometers inside the city.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

I had the occasion to travel to Berlin just three months after the Fall of the Wall and no trace of it was practically left. Now, you know where you can see the longest stretch of the former Berlin Wall that still remains in the German capital? In the area known as the East Side Gallery. With a length of 1.3 kilometers, the East Side Gallery is the result of the joint action of hundreds of artists from around the world , after the Fall of the Wall said that area became artistic expression of German reunification.

Walking down Berlin Wall

Walking down Berlin Wall

The result was 106 murals that stretch along this stretch, which took place between February and September 1990. It is definitely the best place we have not only to visit the largest section of the former Berlin Wall, but also to see the artistic reflection of what led to the story of the city and of Germany.

East Side Gallery Zipper

East Side Gallery Zipper

The Wall of East Side Gallery is on the street Mühlenstraße, at the gates of Berlin’s Turkish Quarter. Specifically, between the bridge and the train station Oberbaumbruecke Ost-Bahnhof. This stretch of the wall extended on the east side of the River Spree and Oberbaumbrücke had a border crossing. Following the completion of the murals, in 1992 the East Side Gallery was declared artistic heritage.

East Side Gallery Berlin

East Side Gallery Berlin

Over the years, both the paintings and the general condition of this stretch of the wall has degenerated by inclement weather and graffiti, so a restoration became necessary of both the concrete and of those paintings, which took place in 2000. When you reach this old stretch of the Berlin Wall, do not be surprised to find hundreds of tourists daily walk around the east side of it looking at the various murals and, in many cases, buying a souvenir in the gift shop which is situated in Oberbaumbruecke. In short, a must for being able to feel and say you’ve seen the former Berlin Wall.

East Side Gallery Break of the Wall

East Side Gallery Break of the Wall

Berlin Wall photos: Mark Frye, Stephen Walford, Roger Wollstadt, Fabiano Rebeque.


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