Gran Canaria | Discovering the beautiful village of Tejeda

When making a tour of the interior of the island of Gran Canaria you have several possible routes and places to visit, but at any stage you must travel to the beautiful village of Tejeda. Inside this island you will find great and deep ravines, with lush oasis in some of the valleys and some small villages scattered along the slopes of the rugged ravines. It’s almost in the same geographic center of the island where you find Tejeda, a place which will offer panoramic views of the landscapes of the interior of the island and even lets you glimpse the nearby island of Tenerife. Furthermore, from Tejeda you see two geological site icons that are on the island of Gran Canaria, Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga.



The image of Roque Nublo, Natural Monument is a symbol of the island. Located at 1,800 meters above sea level, it is a volcanic rock that is 80 meters high. For its part, the Roque Bentayga was a sacred place for the natives of the island, near are the King caves that were inhabited by ancient people in which they left their traces. If your excursion means coming from the south of the island, after passing through Fataga and San Bartolomé, the road will take you down the slopes of the mountain where stands the Roque Nublo, but we only see it clearly from Tejeda. Instead, you have Bentayga Roque much closer, looking north from Tejeda and contrasting with the background image, which is the island of Tenerife.

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo

Tejeda is a small and beautiful village, a good example of traditional Canarian architecture, houses with white walls and wooden balconies where lush bougainvillea hangs. Tejeda becomes a great viewpoint of the wild landscapes around it. On your visit you will walk through a park with lush vegetation where you can see varieties very common in the Canary Islands, such as the striking red tajinaste or a huge Indian Laurel tree next to the church of Our Lady of Mercy. Built in 1921, the interior of this church sees three ships with a high brightness brought about by the large windows and white walls.

Tejeda woods

Tejeda woods

Do not be surprised if you get to Tejeda and it is full of tourists, because as I mentioned, it is a must on the routes inside. But above all it is a haven visited by international tourists where you go for hiking in the area, some of whose routes take you to the aforementioned Roques. If you like sweets, do not leave this beautiful town before trying the peculiar Tejeda marzipan, which is made in the Candy Nublo. Another highlight of Tejeda and also very touristy, is the enclave known as La Cruz de Tejeda, a viewpoint at the top of the mountain where you will probably have the best panoramic views of the island of Gran Canaria and where is located the Parador Cruz de Tejeda.

Tejeda de Tosande

Tejeda de Tosande

Tejeda photos: Patronato de Tourismo, Ceasar BH, Julio Lopez Saguar.

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