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Rail Passion

Romantic Parisian Rail Holiday

Planet Rail offers its customers a once in a life time holiday experience, travel to a range of different destinations across Europe and further afield, aboard luxury trains, offering you the best first class service possible. There are many rail journeys and holidays to choose from, including romantic breaks for two, honeymoons or group bookings. […]

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Seven tips for getting through the airport faster

Booking a holiday is always exciting, but before you’re able to relax by the pool and sip on that fruity cocktail, you need to get through the airport (sigh). The check-ins, passing security and waiting around can be tedious and frustrating. How can extra preparations benefit you at the airport? Prep before you’ve left home […]

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Ryanair Flight wing

Is the “low fares” airline worthy? | Ryanair

Everybody knows the fame that Ryanair has, especially when it announces the amount of passengers they have moved and always on time. Well, these triumphs hide the reasons that more and more passengers start to suspect when the flight starts… They call themselves the “ultra low cost” airline, and they seem that until you advance […]

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Benefits of Vacation Timeshare – Absolute Vacation Club

Everyone wants to go on vacation, but between pouring over online reviews before the holiday and penny pinching for months after, traditional vacation planning is a time consuming and often unsuccessful venture. A new generation of timeshare travel is simplifying the process, sparing its customers from this arduous task. With a growing resort collection and […]

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Gran Canaria hiking

The outdoor activities of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has natural spaces ideal for practicing outdoor activities within them such as trekking, climbing and hiking. Among the most recommended destinations for outdoor activities in Gran Canaria we have Barranco de Los Kestrels which is suitable for walkers, cyclists, and families with children. The extension of this route reaches 7.01 miles with moderate […]

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Travel insurance: what is it and when should you get one

Let’s find out what is the travel insurance Travel insurance, as the name suggests, is a particular insurance which is signed when you decide to leave abroad and allows the individual to make the journey safely. In fact, it is usually required just to prevent any inconvenience that may occur during the trip as in […]

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Business holiday

How to Reduce Stress on a Business Holiday

From the everyday stress of workloads to the business of the city, a job can be stressful at the best of times. On a business holiday, being out of your comfort zone can only enhance the feeling of stress. A survey conducted by a flight comparison website discovered that out of 1,000 workers questioned, a […]

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Montreal by day

Things to See and Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

As the largest city in South America, and the third largest city in the world, no matter what time of year you visit you are sure to find plenty to keep you busy. The city offers a vast variety of attractions and activities which make it one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Whether you’re […]

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Credit Card while traveling

Are credit cards better to use abroad?

The question today is about what happens with expenses abroad and credit cards. When we decide to take a trip or go for a vacation abroad or across the seas we many times choose to not carry cash with us. We prefer the convenience of taking our credit cards with us. But what is really […]

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Chinese Temple

Everything you need to know about going to China

To enter China one must obtain a visa at the Chinese Embassy in each country without distinction. The maximum stay allowed is 60 days. The cost of a tourist visa for entry is 42 euros, the multiple input is 70 euros. The visa application is to be made in person and at least one month […]

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