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Bateman's Bay

Travel on the road in Australia with multi trip travel insurance

Dreaming of a road trip in Australia? This nation is full of charming spectacular routes ensuring its visitors an unforgettable holiday. Some of them may appear risky but with multi trip travel insurance you have nothing to worry about. Here are 3 routes to discover the breathtaking landscapes of Australia. 1. The Great Ocean Road […]

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Townsville By Day

What to see in Townsville, Australia

Townsville is a city of 164.955 inhabitants on the coast of North Queensland, home of the largest military base in Australia. The only reason I found myself there twice is the airport which closes at midnight and it is quite far from the center which can be reached in half an hour by bus (3.50 […]

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Penguin mini statues

Australian nature | Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade

Phillip Island is known around the world for its motor racing circuit which annually hosts some of the biggest races in the world. Few know it instead for the natural paradise that actually represents it and the variety of animal species it houses. This small island connected to the mainland by a bridge that connects […]

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Lake Hillier bird's eye view

Hillier Lake | The rose lake in Australia

Hillier Lake is a lake in Western Australia immediately recognizable by its unusual pink color. But why does the lake have this unusual color you will be asked. The Lake Hillier is situated on Middle Island, the largest in the Australian archipelago called Recherche and consists of at least 100 islands near Cape Arid even […]

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Macau, Australia

Australian casino investments in Macau | Is it big business?

Australians are renowned for their gambling habits and have experienced first hand the revenue that can come from a successful gambling industry. It is not surprising then that the big players were keen to take advantage of the new business opportunities in Macau. According to statistics, international tourists who visit casinos spend around $4.9 billion […]

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Taste of Melbourne

Taste of Melbourne: A food festival in Australia

Taste of Melbourne is the autumn event where the best restaurant experts and chefs gather who for four days are dedicated to share with the public their skills to celebrate the great occasion. It ‘a great event which this year will be held on November 15 to 18 and to get an idea of the […]

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Cage of Death: Swim with crocodiles in Australia

Are you looking for excitement? Then you should go for skydiving, bungee jumping or dive underwater. The latest trend for brave hearts comes from an amusement park in Darwin, Australia. There you can swim face to face with a crocodile! You get inside of a cage which is underwater and crocodiles swim around you. It […]

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