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Hohensalzburg Castle at Night

What to see on an unforgettable cultural trip to Austria

The legacy of the Habsburgs in Austria has left a great legacy of monuments and architecture as well as an amazing culture. It is a beautiful city that had its heyday in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and among the residences of the dynasty is the Hofburg Imperial Palace which holding unmatched jewelry keeps incredible […]

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What to see in Vienna | The Austrian capital

Vienna has always been underestimated compared to Paris and Madrid, the three biggest European capitals. The first because it is romantic and very artistic, the second one because it is Spanish city is much appreciated by those who want to spend time in pastimes light. Instead the city of Vienna is full of surprises that […]

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Villach Austria

Austria in winter | Villach and Lake Ossiach

The name of the city of Villach often used when dealing with travel by train or car passing from the Austrian border to advance towards the old Eastern Europe. Villach is located in the south of Austria, near the border with Slovenia and along the route of the major roads leading to Graz and Ljubljana. […]

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The Kaiserpavillon

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Visiting Vienna without going through the Schönbrunn Palace is like visiting Paris without going to Versailles. One does not simply do that. Even when you do not have much time, you should reserve at least half a day to visit the castle, walking in its gardens and if you are traveling as a family with […]

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