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Snowy Freiburg

Switzerland | Discover the charm of the medieval district Freiburg

Given the choice, when looking for charming corners I recognize that most people tend to like small towns than large cities such as London, Rome or Paris. In this regard the city of Freiburg located on the border of the German and French linguistic in Switzerland, so in practice the population is bilingual, has a very […]

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Jean Tinguely museum in Basel

The Jeans Museum in Switzerland

We all know where to head for the latest designer jeans which have just made their way off the catwalks (Boudi London) but where do you go if you want to find out more about the western world’s favourite fashion item, jeans? Especially if you want to know more about brands, manufacturing history and popular […]

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Faith at the Abyss

Bettmeralp in Switzerland | A ski resort without cars

Ski holidays are nice but now even there you find traffic! There are places that you can hardly reach PEO in the car and one of them is the location of Bettmeralp Aletsch glacier with its 104 km of ski slopes and 72 km of groomed trails for winter hiking and which can only be […]

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