What to see in Monaco, Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest country next to Vatican. All the country is quite small, it is considered as a sovereign state with its own flag. French is the official language of the country and there are hundreds of nationalities living in this small area. Since it is near France, the place is sharing some customs with them as part of European Union.  The streets of Monaco are perfectly manicured. You can find palaces and parks in every corner. Tourists will feel safe while visiting the area because the police are visible and there are cameras everywhere.

One of the ports in Monaco. View from the Royal Palace

One of the ports in Monaco. View from the Royal Palace

Monaco is popular for its casinos, formula 1 and the royal family of Grimaldis. During May, the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix is a major event in the city. Most racers want to win the trophy coming from this glamorous race. This is due to the fact that the race has everything. It will be an experience to take part of the sensation fans. The rich people are watching from their yachts. The setting of the Prix is around the city center from the casino to the uphill area of the city.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

Palace du Prince is Monaco’s royal palace that was constructed in the 13th century. Every generation of Grimaldi is bound to leave a mark on the place. For this reason it is not an elegant looking castle. There are 15 rooms that are open to the public. The entrance fee is quite expensive but you can wait for the changing of the guard if you want a free entrance. Musee Oceanographique is dramatically situated at the edge of the cliff. It is definitely worth seeing it if you want to see various species of fishes. This is a perfect place to see if you have children with you. Jardin Exotique is a paradise for those who love plants and prickles.

Go Monaco 2011 from Jasper Dekker

Photos: Photo 1: thinkingnomad, Photo 2: Braufan,

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