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Dining hall

Holidays in Norway | Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta

Every detail of Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, from furniture to the glasses in the bar, is made of ice and snow (and often handmade). It ‘s the fourteenth time they built this ice hotel in Norway which will open in January 1, 2103 and will remain operational until the start of April but you do not […]

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Layed Out

Where should we go skiing? Here is the snow report

On December 21st the winter should begin in 2012. But since there’s doubt about the end of the world, take better advantage of your time and organize a picnic in the snow fall. To decide on which mountain to go skiing, sledding, drinking mulled wine and ice skating you should take a look at snow […]

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Jaques Torres Chocolate shop

Where to drink hot chocolate in New York | Jacques Torres

Winter in New York can put you to the test and in the regular pause before the next desitnation it is good to heat the body with a hot drink. If you are into sweet drinks do not miss the hot chocolate at Jacques Torres that has up to 7 outlets across the city: Amsterdam […]

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Ca macana

Carnival masks of Ca Macana in Venice

Here is a store that everyone agrees, wives and husbands, children and adults. This is Ca Macana in Venice, one of the most famous shops of Venetian masks, able to present in 2000 as one of the few shops from Venetian artisan producers. Ca ‘Macana is not only known among fans of the genre, but […]

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Oxford Hotel

Festive days | What do they really mean

Did you ever wonder what really happens in Christmas? I mean not only for you but around the world ?! The infographic below will give you an idea…

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Summer Palace

No need for visa to visit Beijing in China anymore

Doors literally open to tourists in Beijing, the capital of China. The Chinese State Council has approved a proposal to allow foreign visitors passing in Beijing to remain in the capital for up to 72 hours without a visa. 72 hours are 3 days. I think that will be enough for your first trip to […]

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Alila Villas Hadahaa

A new design resort in the Maldives | Alila Villas Hadahaa

16 Island villas, 20 island villas with swimming pools, 14 water villas, 2 restaurants (Relish and Battuta’s which serve Maldivian food), a cigar bar, a spa, two swimming pools and much more for the new resort Alila Villas Hadahaa made in compliance with the standards of Green Globe certification. The resort is located on the […]

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Montebello Castle

Montebello, Sasso Corbaro and Castelgrande the castles of Bellinzona

Bellinzona is a city located north of Lugano in Switzerland, not far from Como and Varese, located 60 km to the south. So this is an interesting destination for a weekend in Switzerland (although the inside of the manor is open to the public until November) or a trip designed to enhance one of the […]

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Who is traveling in 2013

Travelers in 2013 | Who is traveling?

The days of overspending are over. Financial crisis is affecting our lives more and more and traveling is on the list too. Everyone is trying to save more and spend less and organise their holidays as on a strict budget. All these have changed the behavior of travelers and we could even say that a […]

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Smoke and Travel

Now you can travel and smoke on the plane

We all know that smoking is bad, but for a smoker not to smoke on a flight which is over 8 hours is even worse! Let’s not talk about waiting in airports, delays, waiting for takeoff, what time it takes to collect the suitcase because we will become crazier and stuffed. Smokers no longer need […]

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