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This category on Trip and Travel News includes special celebrations around the world. Each of them has its own purpose and story!


On the 25th of March Pisa celebrates the New Year 2014

We are still in the early months of 2013 but by Monday, March 25 Pisa will celebrate the New Year 2014. True to the tradition of its ancient maritime republic, the city celebrated its New Year on March 25, coinciding with the day of the Annunciation and then nine months exactly before the birth of […]

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Times Square Valentine's day

New York is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Times Square, Manhattan

The event is Valentine’s Day, Love. The city is New York, the center of the world. The place is Times Square, one of the landmarks of lower Manhattan; hard to find the most recognizable icons. On the 14th of February, all in Times Square will be there to make a declaration of love, to renew […]

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Trinidad Carnival 2013

The Trinidad Carnival 2013

A native speaking about the Carnival of Trinidad, wrote that according to many this would be the second most beautiful Carnival in the world after the one in Rio, especially because of the warm participation of the population who took to the streets in disguise, especially in traditional costumes such as donkey, devil and a […]

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Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest 2013: not only in Munich, beer festivals around the world

The end of September by the way of a period devoted to beer after the summer holidays and the return to reality two days in the company of the blonde drink does not hurt anyone. If you know a bit of Munich and you have Oktoberfest in memory then do not worry: there are other […]

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Paris Ice Skating

Ice skating in Paris

Of course you do not go to Paris just to get to skate on the ice but if you’re already in the area or you are planning to maybe go there for Valentine’s Day or another occasion (any excuse for a holiday in Paris) we mark a small but interesting attraction. Ice skating! The square […]

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The Colosseum of Rome

What to do in Rome for New Year’s Eve 2012 and the coming days

If you pass through Rome in this period, here are a couple of ideas with the activities not to be missed! Firstly, enjoy dinner at beautiful restaurants during December 31 of 2012 and secondly take a run at Rome marathon, 10 km around the symbolic places of the city starting from the Avenue of the […]

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Olavinlinna Castle in Winter

The castle Olavinlinna and the Savonlinna Opera Festival in Finland

In Savonlinna, on Lake Saimaa is the castle of Olavinlinna which is perhaps the most famous of Finland. We are about 300 kilometers from Helsinki. Construction began in 1475 by the will of a Danish knight, Erik Axelsson Tott. For its appearance and its location it is very exciting. Savonlinna is still an important hub […]

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Christmas in Berlin

What to do in Berlin during Christmas and New Year’s Eve

This particular time of year you are getting ready for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Probably hunting for all the exclusive events and perhaps a small trip. An organized trip at the last minute is one of the best ways to say goodbye to the year that goes and welcome the year which comes. […]

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The venetian

What to do during Christmas in Las Vegas

What to do during Christmas in Las Vegas? Obviously Casino, musical performances and nightclubs aside, all rooms will be open 24 hours a day throughout the holiday season (including restaurants). Well, you can go to the factory. A factory, even though very particular because it is the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The chocolate factory that […]

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Prague in Easter

Traveling to the capital of the Czech Republic| Prague Easter markets

Easter in the Czech Republic is a time of great celebration, linked to the Christian tradition on the one hand and on the other the whole pagan celebration of spring. From the 8th ┬áto the 30th of March in the two main squares in Prague Easter markets are set up between garlands of colored decorations […]

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