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If you visit for the first time Athens in Greece would you know what to see and where to go? Well, now you do!


Gran Canaria | Discovering the beautiful village of Tejeda

When making a tour of the interior of the island of Gran Canaria you have several possible routes and places to visit, but at any stage you must travel to the beautiful village of Tejeda. Inside this island you will find great and deep ravines, with lush oasis in some of the valleys and some […]

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East Side Gallery Zipper

Berlin | East Side Gallery artistic expression in the old wall

One of the themes of your trip to Berlin is undoubtedly the ancient wall that separated the western part of the city of the German Democratic Republic, which became one of the places to visit in Berlin. But did you know that almost all of the Berlin Wall was torn down immediately from November 9, […]

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Madrid Air Baloon tour

Beautiful ways to discover Madrid

If you’re thinking of spending a few days in Madrid but still do not know what activities you can do during your stay then we detail a number of alternatives that will sum up to the most fantastic holidays to Spain. Panoramic tour of the morning: This is a fascinating morning tour to explore the […]

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Useful Travel Tips about Shanghai

A trip to China would not be completed without a visit to Shanghai. Shanghai is the best example of innovation, as well as of tradition. There, you can find various samples of the big Chinese history and customs. Above all Shanghai offers the best instances of a super-contemporary city, in which there are plenty of […]

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Thomas Jefferson Memorial Statue

Interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington

On the shore of the Potomac River in Washington USA is the majestic building constructed in memory of President Thomas Jefferson in a Roman architectural style. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is one of the great monuments you can visit on your sightseeing trip to Washington. Here we will comment on curious facts and trivia about […]

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Tarazona Town

An artistic visit to the Cathedral of Tarazona

It’s time to access the main nave of the cathedral. You’ll unequivocally notice the Gothic structure particularly in the head but you see it decorated with a mix of architectural styles. From the Gothic to the Baroque through the Moorish and Renaissance. It is certainly at the top where it has the largest architectural wealth, […]

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Belcastel Bridge

France | The great charm of Belcastel in Aveyron

It is part of the select club of the most beautiful villages of France, some of which I visited on my recent trip to Aveyron in the north of Toulouse in the Midi-Pyrénées region. When you get to Belcastel, do not be so surprised, if you access the valley following the course of the river […]

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Nob Hill

Neighborhoods to visit on your trip to San Francisco

San Francisco is from my point of view the most beautiful city that you can visit on the West Coast of the United States. Its location next to the spectacular bay whose main icon is the spectacular Golden Gate suspension bridge and the special charm of its streets and buildings make San Francisco an absolute […]

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Horseshoe Bend

Landscapes of deep canyons to see in the United States

Besides the most famous natural site on the west coast of the United States, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, in a tourist trip inside the state namely Arizona or Utah we find other weird places with spectacular panoramic large and deep canyons formed by a river. This is the case of the spectacular […]

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Being one with the past in Asturias | Tito Bustillo and Covadonga

Asturias, the very northern region of Spain, has a rich patrimony if you want to meet past, culture and nature in the same nostalgic point. The magic starts when you go to Ribadesella to visit the caves, considered part of the best archeological discoverings of all Europe. There are a total of eight caves, in […]

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