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St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 | Ireland celebrated all over the world

It is so popular that it has been exported all over the world. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17. Concerts, parades and plenty of beer will be the players with the purest Irish spirit. The festivities will start from Dublin and cascade to many other destinations. You can celebrate the patron saint […]

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Barcelona Markets

All Markets in Barcelona

The local markets are an unconventional way to visit a city dispossessed from the role of visit. You can immerse yourself in the habits and quirks of the citizens of that place, try the flavors, smells and gestures of an identity that is not yours. Certainly to admire the many works in museums, marvel at […]

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Plaza Mayor building

Madrid and the Museum of Jamòn | Plaza Mayor

Dear travelers, are you in Madrid? Well then you have no excuse not to spend the evening in the Plaza Mayor which is considered one of the most luxury travel spots of the city. If you are already at the Plaza Mayor and do not want to feel just like any tourist in Madrid, you […]

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Singer Building

The historic Caffè Singer in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Singer Building is located along the Nevsky Prospect (the main street of St. Petersburg) in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and is home to the eponymous Coffee Singer. It is elegant and refined. A bar / library with a perfect blend of taste and culture,. The bar is well stocked […]

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Patmos Mini harbor

Patmos island guide, Greece

To reach the wonder of Patmos  you have to arrive from the sea (there is no airport on Patmos: you land at Kos or Samos). When the ferry is on the horizon the majesty of its fortress, the undisputed ruler on the carpet of small houses whitewashed kneeling at his feet is a miraculous view. […]

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Lady Diana Hotel

24 hours in Istanbul | What to see and where to eat

What if for one reason or another you find yourself in Istanbul and you have little time to spare? An article in The Cultureist suggests some absolute musts to do to have a smattering appreciable on the modus vivendi of the city, including food of course. First address to write down is the restaurant Backyard […]

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Melbourne, Australia

The Newbie’s Guide to Melbourne

There is one thing to say about Australia, you will find sophistication and slickly rough edginess walk. Melbourne is the most multicultural city in Australia. The city was originally the land of the Kulin Nation aborigines, bought by John Batman in 1835 with a payment of clothing, flour, and tools. It soon became a European […]

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Used Trailer

The Value Of Buying Used Trailers

A trailer can have many different purposes. It can, of course, be used to transport rubbish to the tip and even to move furniture from one location to another but, if you enjoy family holidays in the UK or mainland Europe then the trailer can become a highly efficient and effective utility trailer. It can […]

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What to see in Vienna | The Austrian capital

Vienna has always been underestimated compared to Paris and Madrid, the three biggest European capitals. The first because it is romantic and very artistic, the second one because it is Spanish city is much appreciated by those who want to spend time in pastimes light. Instead the city of Vienna is full of surprises that […]

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On the 25th of March Pisa celebrates the New Year 2014

We are still in the early months of 2013 but by Monday, March 25 Pisa will celebrate the New Year 2014. True to the tradition of its ancient maritime republic, the city celebrated its New Year on March 25, coinciding with the day of the Annunciation and then nine months exactly before the birth of […]

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